Teacher Training FAQ

What is MIMIYOGA Teacher Training?

  1. MIMI YOGA Teacher Training is a comprehensive yoga instructor certification program available both online and in-person. An expansion of the MIMIYOGA platform developed by our founder, Miriam Ghandour (aka Mimi), this teacher training is based on a modern curriculum inspired by centuries of tradition. MIMI YOGA incorporates the philosophy and tradition of classic yoga from Southeast Asia with modern fitness techniques, psychology and self-empowerment.
  2. Not only will you learn about yoga philosophy & history and training methodology, but also will learn how to develop a yoga business for both online and in-person teaching. The modern component of our teacher training will focus on how to define & develop your own personal teaching style, promote yourself on social media as a teacher and become a leader in the yoga community.

What will be covered in the curriculum?

MIMI YOGA Teacher Training blends traditional yoga curriculum with the realities of developing a personal brand and business in yoga. The curriculum will include:

  1. Yoga History & Philosophy
  2. Teaching Methodology - classroom management, demonstrations, &correct alignment
  3. Style of Asana Yoga Practice - 70+ Asanas covered across 9 Asana categories, alignment/cues, benefits & contraindications of each Asana
  4. The Business of Yoga - how to position yourself as a teacher, promote yourself, be a leader in the community and inspire people
  5. Meditation
  6. Chants & Pranayama - forms of chanting, Om & various Pranayamas
  7. Mind and Design - learn how to reprogram the subconscious &how to make people relax and disconnect
  8. Anatomy and Common Yoga Injuries

Is MimiYoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance?

Yes. MimiYoga is certified as a RYS 200 by Yoga Alliance.

What is the difference between in-person and online?

  1. The in-person training will be conducted in Miami, Florida, United States. The group will meet in-person four times a week, observing all current CDC guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. All classes will be live-streamed and recorded.
  2. The online training will be transmitted via Zoom from Miami, Florida. Students may watch online in real time or watch the recorded sessions.

What if I live in a different time zone?

All classes will be recorded and uploaded to the class website.

What if I miss a class?

Graduation from our program requires the student’s attendance at all training sessions. Any absence must be approved in advance by our program director. A maximum of four (4) hours may be missed if arranged in advance and approved by the program director. We will provide one (1) make-up session totaling four (4) hours included in the price of tuition. We do not accept unapproved absences and they may result in dismissal from the program. In this case, graduation will be at the sole discretion of the program director.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer a standard payment plan that requires you to pay the $500 deposit prior to the training start date. You will then pay your remaining balance in 3 equal installments throughout the training. Promotional discount codes are not available for payment plans. If you’d like to enroll in our payment plan, you must contact support@mimiyoga.com to notify us that you’d like to enroll.

What is your refund policy?

Upon receiving confirmation, the applicant will be charged a deposit of $500 on their credit card. Final invoices will be emailed two (2) weeks before the start date of the training. The deadline to pay in full is two weeks prior to the start date of training. If an applicant withdraws from the program after acceptance, but before the program starts, $500 from the applicant's deposit amount will be retained by the program. However, such an amount can be applied towards a future training program. The program will not give any refunds or credits after the training starts. The program reserves the right to cancel any training before it begins. In that case any payments applicants have made will be refunded in full.

More questions?
Contact support@mimiyoga.com